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Comparative Sequence Analysis: find all SNPs between reference S. pneumoniae TIGR4 and target S. pneumoniae strain(s)

1. Select a single reference sequence:

2. Check one or more target organism(s)/strain(s) to include:

Streptococcus 19A11
Streptococcus PA136
Streptococcus PA147
Streptococcus G54
Streptococcus 1410
Streptococcus 1418
Streptococcus 145
Streptococcus 149
Streptococcus 15A25
Streptococcus 19A13
Streptococcus 19A6
Streptococcus 19A7
Streptococcus 19F14
Streptococcus 19F21
Streptococcus 23F15
Streptococcus TIGR4
Streptococcus R6
Streptococcus PA169
Streptococcus PA175
Streptococcus PA179
Streptococcus PA183
Streptococcus PA185
Streptococcus PA186
Streptococcus 23F16
Streptococcus 23F1
Streptococcus 23F4
Streptococcus 35B24
Streptococcus 519
Streptococcus 670
Streptococcus 6A23
Streptococcus 6B12
Streptococcus 6B17
Streptococcus 6B20
Streptococcus 6B22
Streptococcus 6B2
Streptococcus 6B8
Streptococcus 9V3
Streptococcus PA117
Streptococcus PA129
Streptococcus TX143
Streptococcus TX144
Streptococcus TX145
Streptococcus PA189
Streptococcus PA195
Streptococcus PA200
Streptococcus PA217
Streptococcus PA223
Streptococcus PA224
Streptococcus PA230
Streptococcus PA234
Streptococcus PA235
Streptococcus PA245
Streptococcus PA26
Streptococcus PA279
Streptococcus PA280
Streptococcus PA289
Streptococcus PA290
Streptococcus PA294
Streptococcus TX142
Streptococcus TX146
Streptococcus PA307
Streptococcus PA308
Streptococcus PA310
Streptococcus PA315
Streptococcus PA318
Streptococcus PA321
Streptococcus PA325
Streptococcus PA32
Streptococcus PA346
Streptococcus PA382
Streptococcus PA3
Streptococcus PA52
Streptococcus PA60
Streptococcus PA73
Streptococcus PA74
Streptococcus PA97
Streptococcus PA99
Streptococcus TX108
Streptococcus TX109
Streptococcus TX136
Streptococcus TX137
Streptococcus TX138
Streptococcus TX139
Streptococcus TX140
Streptococcus TX141

All SNP alignments between the reference sequence and the selected organism(s)/strain(s) will be displayed. If no target strain(s) are chosen then all SNPs on the reference sequence will be displayed.

3. Choose a report type:

4. Select an output format:

5. Run the report:

or the form
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